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34th Annual Teacher Education Job Fair
Teacher Candidate

2014 Education Job Fair Please take a moment to complete the following survey so we many improve the job fair and to provide resources for those seeking careers in the educational arena. Your feedback is critical to our success. We will use this feedback to generate a resource guide for job seekers. We will be more than happy to share this guide with you in the months to come. Thank you in advance for your generous assistance.
Date and time of the career fair
Layout and placement of school corporations
How would you rate the job fair
How did you hear about the job fair?
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What was your primary motivation for attending the job fair? (check all that apply)
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How many job fairs have you attended within the last year?
How did you prepare for the job fair? (please check all that apply)
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Please identify your level of satisfaction with the quality of the schools represented.
The job fair was well organized.
Were you offered a position?
The length of the job fair was
If you could ask Hiring Officials (K-12 Personnel Directors/Human Resources Directors or Principals) any 3 questions what would you ask them?
Of the areas listed below, which do you feel that you could use help with? (check all that apply)
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Was the job fair beneficial for you?

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