How important is the Library to you?
Which of the following best describes you (select all that apply)?
What is your age?
What is your ethnicity?
What College / School are you affiliated with?
7.What days do you usually visit the Library; including satellite campuses (select all that apply)?
8.Do you usually do research (select all that apply):
9.What is your preferred time of day to do research (select all that apply)?
10.What areas of the Library do you use the most?
11.What activity is your primary reason for visiting the Library today (or the last time you visited the Library; please select all that apply)?
12.Are the Library's book collections useful to you?
13.Are the Library's print journal collections useful to you?
14.Are the Library's audiovisual collections useful to you?
15.Does the Library have sufficient full text electronic resources to meet your research needs?
16.Is the information that you need easy to find in the Library?
17.Where do you request assistance from when you cannot find the information you need (select all that apply)?
18.Can you find a quiet study area in the Library if you need one?
19.Are the Library's electronic resources (including access from home for Distance Education) easy to find and use?
20.Are you satisfied with the Reference hours, staff and resources?
21.Are you satisfied with the Circulation staff and resources?
22.Are you satisfied with the Reserves hours, staff and resources?
23.Are you satisfied with the Government Documents hours, staff and resources?
24.Are you satisfied with the Special Collections / Archives hours, staff and resources?
25.Are you satisfied with the Information Desk hours, staff and resources?
26.Are you satisfied with the Administration hours, staff and resources?
27.Are you satisfied with the Gallery or Exhibit Space (4th Floor, 109, etc.) hours, staff and resources?
28.Are you satisfied with the computers in the Library?
29.Are you satisfied with the Periodicals hours, staff and resources?
30.Is the equipment (microfiche, microfilm, copiers) in good working order and easy to use?
Are you satisfied with the Library's web site?
32.Have you attended or arranged for a Library Research Instruction class?
33.Are the hours the Library is open useful to you (select all that apply)?
34.Which of the following do you use when researching a topic (select all that apply)?
35.Are you aware the Library provides the following services?
36.Which of these is MOST useful to you?
37.Which of these is LEAST useful to you?
38.Overall, how satisfied are you with the Library?
Are there any other additional services the Library does not currently provide that you would like us to consider?
Please add any additional comments in the space below:
41.What is today's date?

Enter the current year (2013)