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Please complete our survey so we may better serve you.

Are you familiar with the Auxiliary Services website, www.pvamu.edu/auxiliary?
What is your classification?
How often do you use your Panther Card?
4.How do you use your Panther Card? (Check all that apply.)
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How often do you typically use these Dining Services?
 Once a dayOnce a weekOnce a monthOnce a semesterNever
Dining Hall (MSC)
The Zone (Farrell Hall)
Retail Food Court (MSC)
Jazzman’s Café (JBC Library)
C-Store (MSC)
Please rate your satisfaction with the following characteristics of Dining Services:
 Very DissatisfiedSomewhat DissatisfiedNeither Satisfied nor DissatisfiedSomewhat SatisfiedVery Satisfied
Professionalism of Staff
Level of customer service you received
Holidays and special meals
Maintenance and upkeep of facilities
Food quality
Variety of items offered
Prices of menu items
Speed of service
Operating hours
Overall satisfaction with Dining Services
We would appreciate any additional comments you have regarding the Panther Card.