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2.Directions: For each item identified below, circle the number to the right that best fits your judgment of its quality, where SD = Strongly Disagree and SA = Strongly Agree.
 N/AStrongly DisagreeDisagreeNeutralAgreeStrongly Agree
The iREAD book was appropriate for enhancing my educational pursuits
The iREAD book contributed to my ability to be a “facilitator of learning for diverse populations.”
The iREAD book helped me reflect on my philosophy of education
A strength of the iREAD book is that it contains ideas that encouraged me to consider ways of improving my educational organization.
As a result of reading the iREAD text, I am more cognizant of the value of applying a variety of instructional strategies to meet the needs of the students I serve.
After reading the iREAD text I am now more persuaded that I should do whatever I can to ensure that all students learn.
The iREAD book helped me to evaluate my strengths and weaknesses as an educator.
The iREAD book is a good source of information about meeting the demands of a multicultural world where change occurs constantly.
The idea of striving for excellence in my field is pronounced in the iREAD book.
I will recommend the iREAD book to anyone who wants to become a more effective educational professional.