Evaluate Your Writing Center Consultant

1.Date of Writing Center conference:
Name of the consultant with whom you worked:
3.Approximately how long was your consultation today?
4.How did you learn about the Writing Center?
Other (please specify)
How many visits have you made to the Writing Center?
6.Please evaluate
 Strongly Agree AgreeDisagreeStrongly Disagree
The consultant listened attentivley to my concerns.
The consultant seemed friendly
The consultant explained concepts clearly.
The advice my consultant gave me was very useful.
I am more confident in my ability to write a strong paper now than I was before my conference.
I think my paper improved because of my conference.
I plan to return for another Writing Center conference.
The Writing Center has helped me... (Please choose all that apply)

How would you rate your own writing skills/ablility?
Did your visit(s) improve your writing skills?
10.Do you have any other comments about your experience in the Writing Center?
11.May we contact you for additional information if needed. If so, please provide your contact information.
Cell Phone